Monsterhunt Version 0.3.0

This update added some quality of life features, bug fixes, more monsters, and levels to monsters. This version was released on the 20th of August 2020

  • m!collection command that shows how much of each type and rarity that has been collected
  • m!tutorial
  • monsters now have levels
  • m!notifications to toggle notification messages
  • added guided setup with m!setup
  • added banning system
  • added 15 new monsters
  • added game logs
  • added account delete system
  • m!monster free allows you to free a monster from your inventory
  • increased inventory size to 100
  • Allowed downloads of a full paginator rather than only the current page & increased its cool down
  • You can now search for help with specific commands


Released 21 August 2020

  • Restricted more commands to beta
  • fixed edge case where user sets the prefix to "m" and it ignores the m! default prefix
  • fixed edge case of a user using the m!tutorial command sending double messages when the guild is registered for the first time.


Released 22 August 2020

  • added m!top catch
  • the bot wont ask you if you want to do the tutorial if there are no channels registered on account create
  • Argument range errors now show the alias instead of just saying "content length out of range"
  • your monsters can now earn experience in read-only channels
  • argument errors now gives an example usage for most commands
  • you can now rename one character every 3 days


I am the developer of Monsterhunt.