Monsterhunt Version 0.4.0

This update improved the performance of the game, fixed a lot of bugs and added new content. The version was released on 3 November 2020. In the future, only the TL;DR updates will be formatted like this, but there will be longer blog posts for the nerds that are interested in how Monsterhunt works behind the scenes.

  • added dministrator commands
  • m!account activity - view your game activity such as trades, reputation etc
  • Profanity filtering (If you try and submit a name or any other content that includes profanity, it will be filtered out).
  • Character skill tree. Learn about it here.
  • If you are in the support server, the bot will update your account as soon as you change your status to "online" on Discord. This will mean the first time you use your account after a restart it will be faster.
  • Reminder system
  • Economy and player trading system
  • Added hourly and daily commands to claim rewards
  • Monster experience and spawning scores are saved from the cache on restarts
  • The ability to sell monsters with m!monster sell (based on type, rarity and level)
  • Your monster inventory is now capped by how many cages you have, which you can purchase at the tavern
  • 15 new monster types! (There are now 40 in total)
  • m!hunt - Your skills now determine which monsters you can catch. Make sure you train in all attributes as they all have an impact!
  • Automated restarts - the bot will now automatically restart once a day at 13:00 SAST (South African Standard Time). It will send a warning 10 minutes before and enter maintenance mode
  • Reputation system. Give someone rep with m!reputation @Someone
  • Monster levels are now capped to level 10, the higher the rarity, the harder it is to level up a monster!
  • Discovery and Catching Leader boards are now "reset" each month for the monthly Monsterhunter competition (don't worry, your individual data is still kept)
  • fixed performance issue when someone is spamming
  • removed: m!hint; m!monster free; the rarity color on monster spawn embeds


Released 4 November 2020

  • fixed mention issue
  • changed message on m!top discovery
  • balanced base character stats, so some monsters can be caught without skills
  • balanced hourly and daily rewards
  • removed the status update ping when the bot comes online


Released 5 November 2020

  • fixed account create game logs
  • fixed m!top catch bug
  • fixed issues with the command router
  • changed spawn message so it is more visible
  • changed guilds are now blocked with Anti Spam so they cannot spawn monsters when blocked
  • changed the starter monster menu will now randomize the monster if none was chosen
  • changed changed how reminders complete and their format


Released 7 November 2020

  • fixed m!top catch sorting
  • fixed spelling errors and formatting
  • fixed default arguments
  • The m!skill train message will now show how much time a skill will add to the queue
  • improved the profanity filter
  • removed m!setup command


Released 8 November 2020

  • format of help command
  • fixed profanity filtering only filtering the first word
  • fixed starter pick menu reactions


Released 10 November 2020

  • fixed bug which allowed a character to trade their active monster by entering the type instead of the slot. It forces monsters to be identified with a slot number
  • fixed bug which allowed users to identify non-existent monsters in a trade by only entering the monster_ keyword
  • fixed bug which allowed empty trades to be accepted
  • fixed account create game log issue
  • mentions fix


Released 12 November 2020

  • fixed active trades issue when cancelling a skill purchase
  • re-balanced monster attributes - It should take a few days of training to be able to catch uncommon and rare
  • re-balanced skill training times - it now takes days of training rather than weeks of training. Total time reduced to 6 months from 3 years and highest training time for a skill is 10 days.
  • nerfed skill bonuses
  • buffed character base stats
  • cool downs are now less aggressive
  • anti spam is now less aggressive
  • added the time the client will restart on the "Automatic restart" maintenance message
  • added "learn" alias to the skill train command
  • removed some admin commands that are not useful anymore


Released 12 November 2020

  • increased dm anti spam sensitivity
  • balanced server anti spam to protect spawners and not hinder users
  • channels are now only cached when Monsterhunt receives a message from the guild to improve performance
  • the no configuration message now encourages administrators to read the server setup guide instead of using the non-existent command m!setup which was removed on 0.4.3
  • removed anti spam for users on the message event


Released 14 November 2020

  • fixed issue where channels were not unregistered when deleted (this will only happen when the bot is online)
  • fixed admin command issues
  • fixed issue where rarity would sometimes be undefined on monster spawn
  • fixed issue where not entering a value for some arguments would error incorrectly
  • fixed user argument issue
  • made the no server configuration message clearer


Released 16 November 2020

  • monsters now cant spawn during maintenance mode
  • fixed the "command" argument
  • fixed profanity filter
  • all active trade bugs should now be fixed
  • fixed account create exploit
  • embed now shows patreon link
  • reduced some cooldowns
  • added m!patreon command


Released 26 November 2020

  • fixed m!help
  • fixed buggy trade behaviour
  • fixed receiving reminders in maintenance mode
  • fixed monster level up issues
  • fixed admin command issues


Released 26 December 2020

  • fixed a bug that left a player in a trade when the trade was abandoned
  • fixed the monster level up bug (You can enable notifications again)
  • changed default cool down to 5 seconds


Released 23 February 2021

  • re-enabled all disabled commands
  • fixed transaction speed issues


I am the developer of Monsterhunt.