The lore of Monsterhunt

On the 26th of January, I hosted an event on the discord server where users would give ideas on what the lore of Monsterhunt should be. To give some context, Monsterhunt is a Discord bot game where players must choose a certain profession and level up their skills so they can earn the most credits and become the best at that profession. Discord server members have to send messages to their server to spawn monsters, similar to how the spawning works in the Pokemon bot called Poketwo (the successor of Pokecord). The event lasted 8 days, and there were 3 submissions and 3 participants (you were allowed to work in a group). Thanks to Cryptic Vulture, Ashe and Swash for participating in the event!

Cryptic Vulture's dimensional theory - 3rd place:

There are 3 dimensions where each of them have unique coloured monsters (blue, pink, and green) An ancient door was unlocked by a human hidden in the depths, and from that time portals started opening and monsters were unleashed into earth. The monsters are mostly in the dark places of the earth (forests, graves, hills, etc) and they did not enter the settlements of humans. However, some humans explored the forests out of curiosity, but the monsters become frightened when approached by humans. People trained for monster hunting and rich people offered credits for monsters that were caught. Top scientists and magicians worked together to design cages that could contain monsters. The monsters were used either for food, crafting or the medicinal properties that their blood had. However, as time passed monsters started breeding with the monsters from other dimensions, and new monsters were created. These new monsters were vicious, deadly, multi-coloured beasts and they raided settlements and killed people. People entered the wilderness to contain these beasts and competed with fellow hunters. The terror of the new monsters reduced as people started catching them, villages were rebuilt, and the villagers started farming and mining and fishing. The settlements discovered monsters in specific habitats, (caves, ocean, forests) and started to breed, train, and sell them. The trained monsters were used in tournaments to entertain the wealthy. Jewellery with magical properties was made from some of the monsters, and it gave humans an edge over others while hunting and performing other tasks.

Ashe and Swash's evolutionist theory - 2nd place:

Welcome, little human, to a cruel world in which you will have to fight to survive. In our world, humans are not the strongest species. Dangerous monsters wander in the wild areas around our village, so you do not want to go too far without a properly trained monster hunter. What is that? You want to be a monster hunter yourself? Okay, I will tell you what you should know about monsters before starting your training. Monsters appeared on earth long before humans did. They are primal beings that evolve very slowly. But do not misunderstand me, they are clever and strong. If you meet one without being prepared, you will become their slave in the best case, their dinner if they are starving. When humans evolved from monkeys, they enslaved us. The monsters made us work for them and provide them with food, while they protected us from other jealous and greedy monsters. Monsters are not as social as we are. They mainly avoid each other, except for fighting and breeding. That is the weakness we humans tried to turn to our advantage, step by step, generation after generation, during thousands of years, until we finally found techniques to fight them like equals. We built traps and cages to make the monsters harmless. We tamed them and made them work for us, fight for us. Every monster species has its own abilities, so a market soon emerged to trade monsters. When you become a monster hunter, monsters will probably recognize you as one and try to avoid you, so you will have to be very stealthy and learn to detect their presence if you hope to catch them. There is one more thing you should know: sometimes, a monster appears that is different from others of its species. It has different colours, and it is much stronger and faster. We call them mutations and catching them is not easy. We do not know for sure why or when they started to appear, as it seems random. These mutations have high leadership abilities, and other monsters follow them for protection. So, if you ever catch one, be aware of its value. You can sell it for a really good price, or you can keep it for yourself. They will protect you efficiently and make it easier for you to approach monsters of the same kind. Now you are ready to start your training, I wish you good luck and remember that we are stronger together.

Ashe's creationist theory - 1st place:

There are many gods that rule this world. The grey god is the most powerful of all and his name is Zierohavar. He commands 3 major deities: Haku the blue god, Yeena the red goddess and Eleis the green goddess. These 3 gods command many minor deities. Zierohavar first created humans and animals to populate the earth. So long as his creations survive, he does not care about them. He tries to use his huge powers as rarely as possible not to break the balance of the world. But Haku got angry that only Zierohavar could create living beings. He is the Master of Water and used its enormous power to dig deep caves under the earth in which he would create his own creatures secretly. But he was not powerful enough to do that alone, so he tried to convince Yeena and Eleis to join him. They first refused because they were loyal to Zierohavar, but he insisted so much that they finally agreed on making some attempts. This is how the first monsters were created. They were never meant to see the sun or humans. Because their divine powers were not as strong as Zierohavar’s, making a monster required at least 2 gods to work together. Yeena, goddess of all feelings and emotions, liked this so much that she wanted to create many more. To her, they were an opportunity to make countless new experiences. Eleis, goddess of nature did not like these creatures. She was used to the slowly growing plants and these fast-moving creatures disgusted her. So, after creating only a small number of them, she decided to tell Zierohavar what they had done. But her motivations were not to have him destroy the creatures. In fact, she asked Zierohavar to allow other gods to create living things if they wanted to. She hoped that Haku and Yeena would be happy with that and leave her alone with their monsters. Zierohavar took a long time to decide what to do with these creatures. Haku called Eleis a traitor and felt resentment towards her ever since. Yeena tried to act as a mediator but even if she finally managed to convince Zierohavar to let their monsters live, she could not make Haku forgive Eleis. Zierohavar decided to open the caves so that monsters could interact with all the other living creatures. Humans soon started hunting them to use the numerous abilities Yeena had given them. Many minor gods soon started working on their own creatures, but none have succeeded on creating one yet. Monsters are afraid of the big animals, including humans, despite being way stronger than them. They mostly stay with other monsters, conquer unclaimed territories, and fight each other to keep control over them. Eleis still keeps an eye on her creatures from the dark forest where she lives, but she doubts she will create more. Haku does not care much about his past creations and stays in his castle, deep in the ocean, always trying to find new shapes for monsters, making them stronger and faster than the animals that were made by Zierohavar. Yeena loves all the monsters and keeps trying to find new ways to make their life on earth easier without breaking the balance. Her last idea was to create a rare mutation among monsters that makes them strong and clever leaders. They are harder for humans to catch so they can protect other monsters. She also keeps an eye on what other gods are doing and adds her own ideas to theirs. She secretly hopes that one day Eleis will start making monsters again because she likes her style, so she often gives her new concepts and ideas. She is content with looking after her plants until that time comes.

I have chosen the creationist theory for Monsterhunt as it makes the most sense. It fits well with the theme of the game, and there may be a quest where players must convince Eleis to start making monsters again. The official lore has been modified, and it uses Ashe's submission as the foundation. However, that version will never be published in full, because players will be able to discover the lore from quests and descriptions. You can find the original unedited lore submissions in the discord server.

Good hunting!



I am the developer of Monsterhunt.