Monsterhunt Version 0.2.0

The first release of Monsterhunt was more of a testing run to see if the game concept was good. The data model of version 0.1.0 was not great, so it had to be rewritten. Thanks to Mob#2976 for playing the first version of the game and working out all the bugs. This version was released on the 12th of August 2020


Released 13 August 2020

  • added admin commands
  • added maintenance mode
  • made the onboarding process smoother
  • increased anti spam sensitivity
  • increased difficulty to spawn monsters
  • decreased character name length minimum to 2
  • you can now only get hints from and catch the latest monster
  • Paginator now waits to edit the message
  • replaced m!monster index with m!index
  • You can now only spawn one type of monster per channel
  • fixed the monster pick menu


Released 14 August 2020

  • added more admin commands
  • m! is now always a prefix as well as what a guild admin has set
  • the bot only needs the Read Messages permission to affect monster spawning
  • disabled account delete
  • Fixed the on boarding process



I am the developer of Monsterhunt.